HappyCHECK facilitates the collection of customer feedback and the measurement of customer feelings. With HappyCHECK, you can capture customers at the optimal time and location. Examine all customer touchpoints to determine how you can enhance your customers’ experience and level of satisfaction from beginning to end. HappyCHECK has the perfect solution for you and your customers, regardless of whether you operate in the retail, healthcare, or service industries.  

Customer satisfaction surveys administered just as customers are departing a physical retail store, perusing a website, or paying for a service are significantly more effective than standard surveys. By covering all touchpoints with HappyCHECK, you can solicit customer feedback at the optimal time when the experience is still fresh in their minds, and they can respond candidly. In addition, the happy face rating system enables consumers to provide instant feedback with minimal effort.  

The method of obtaining feedback on customer satisfaction using smiling faces ensures that customers’ feedback is anonymous. Customers are more inclined to provide feedback when they remain anonymous, and you can glean valuable insights from many individuals who would not ordinarily respond. Customer feedback that is anonymous enables your customers to be as truthful and sincere as feasible. This way, you can enhance the overall consumer experience and keep your customers satisfied.