Customer Satisfaction Survey

“No more guessing about how your customers feel about your store”

You can turn feedback into increased income with the aid of HappyCHECK. For you to know how to improve, ask your customers if they are happy.

Use satisfaction surveys to maintain customer satisfaction levels.

Did you know that happy customers are more likely to make subsequent purchases?

And disgruntled customers will quickly switch to another store?

Effective feedback will also be collected. Our “Customer Satisfaction System” helps you make accurate decisions to maintain customer satisfaction. and optimize your service by fixing bugs and enhancing outstanding features to meet customers’ needs. The sales of the store will rise immediately.

3 Steps to improving customer experience

Enhancing the standard of goods and services Every business must prioritize providing a positive customer experience. Efficacious and trustworthy mass comment and screening data gathering for the store.


Register, fill out the details, and log in by pressing the QR code

Invite customers to evaluate

Bring the QR Code to the location where you want to evaluate the store’s products and services. 

Take action

Optimize your business processes and follow best practices to boost profits. Repeat for continued success

Why use a customer satisfaction survey?

We help you stay ahead of the competition and focus on what matters most. That means getting more satisfied customers in your business and growing your business!

View reports for all branches.

For customers with multiple stores Able to view the satisfaction assessment report at the same time, immediately. Helps to fix problems immediately.

Acknowledge Customer Situation

Understand more customers by listening to opinions or feedback from customers in order to improve and develop the store to meet the needs of customers more effectively.

Customer Retention

Retain customers by listening to their opinions. because we are constantly finding new customers. That’s not difficult. But keeping customers is even more difficult.

Target User

In the service sector Impressing your customers is critical for differentiating your company from the competition. It also increases profits. And successfully, HappyCHECK aids in the detection of bugs in your business. It’s not just about observing and asking individual questions.


Coffee Shop

Convenience Store

Counter Service

Cleaning Service




Sample Screenshots – Case Of Satisfaction

Sample Screenshots – Case Of Dissatisfaction

Sample Screenshots – Question screen case of dissatisfaction

In case of unsatisfied button selection, The system will allow you to choose the reason for the user’s dissatisfaction.  to send notification information to the system administrator

Service - Food And Beverage

Service - Counter Service

Service - Cleaning Service

Sample – Template

Sample – Dashboard


HappyCHECK is designed to transform your business with customer insights and real-time reporting. We have all the functions needed to make satisfaction assessments easy with a satisfaction rating system, both QR Code and device-based.

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