Q: Every feedback from customers. Is it updated all the time?

A: As soon as the satisfaction rating is pressed, the information will instantly update on the dashboard screen.

Q: There are 3 restaurants and 5 coffee shops, can I use the same user?

A: For customers who have different types of stores, users need to be separated to get accurate information. For example, in this case, there should be 2 users separated by type of store.

Q: If the questions do not match what I want to evaluate, can I ask a question?

A: For customers in the Pro package and above who want to set up questions to evaluate their satisfaction. This can be done by contacting staff via email: hello@happycheck.cc

Q: Can HappyCHECK integrate with other apps or platforms?

A: HappyCHECK can be integrated into other applications or websites. You can contact the development team via e-mail: hello@happycheck.cc

Q: What information is displayed on the dashboard?

A: Information on the dashboard screen show details as follows

Feedback Report

– Overview Feedback

– Feedback Scores

  • Very good
  • Good
  • Normal
  • Not bad
  • Bad

– Customer Engagement

– Overall results from all Checkpoints

– Results from each checkpoint

Issue Reports

– Overall issue found

– Issue found from each Checkpoint